About Sara

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Sara Strachan is a Culture and Community Development Artists making art across Australia and beyond. Sara has worked in the arts industry both nationally and internationally over the last 7 years and studied theatre and film at both Deakin University in Melbourne and California State University in Long Beach obtaining a Bachelor of Creative arts (Theatre and Film). Sara has also trained with clowning teacher Giovanni Fusetti(Helikos International School of Theatre Creation) and has performed, directed and produced over 25 shows both nationally and internationally.

Sara frequently creates her own shows for or with young people with performance troupes as well as one person shows. They have worked with theatre companies all around the world and uses their interest in multiple art forms to create theatrical experiences in the hopes to make the world a more connected, expressive place. Sara’s one person shows are always personal, unique and authentic.

Having come from a culturally diverse and disadvantaged background Sara has always used her skills to help others who may also be going through a tough time. From putting on large scale entertainment events at the age of 16 with the Oaktree foundation to helping create Mayibuye’s first performance art and life skills program in South Africa, which is now running in 5 countries in over 20 locations, to running theatre and art programs for disengaged youth in the Riverland and many more in her career.

Sara’s art transcends past the art industry as they also uses their skills to shape the future of politics and the mental health industry.

Through arts and beyond Sara advocates for people to believe in their potential, follow their dreams and to believe that if they see a dis justice in the world that they can be a part of making positive change. Sara has already contributed a lot to the arts industry as in 2016 was a semi finalist (top 10) for the Channel 9 Young Achiever Arts and Fashion Award.